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Dr.Parthasarathy Memorial Hospitalis the prominent eye care provider and is also the best entrant in the classification of ENT doctors in Chennai. Entrenched in the year 2012 it has gain the utmost recognition in the segment of eye care and is renowned as the finest eye care hospital as paralleled to any other eye hospital in Chennai. This well-known eye hospital delivers best eye doctor in Chennai. Since its commencement Dr. Parthasarathy memorial hospital has been steered by patient centric values of efficiency, exactitude, compassion, and integrity. The hospital is obsessed by the mission to deliver the preeminent eye care to all their requisite clients. Over the passage of its voyage, this corporate has established a secure traction in its industry. A team of highly skilled and qualified doctors from passed out from premium medical institutes are giving their level best to enrich each patient’s eye with a ray of happiness with power of visualizing the globe. The doctors employed here are very much enthusiastic towards their individual roles and put a lot of determination to deliver the utmost eye care that is required for each client. The diligence targets to expand its line of eye care and services and cater to a larger client base. The vision that customer gratification is as important as their care and services; have helped the organization to harvest a vast base of customers. In Chennai the hospital conquers a protuberant location in Addambakkam, it is at Shastri nagar main road near Kakkan bridge bus stop, which is easy for the patients who are relocating from other states. It is recognized to provide uppermost service in the following categories: ENT doctors, eye hospitals, dentists.

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some Faq's

  • How Often should I need to test my eyes?
    As per the American Optometric Association adults who wear glasses or contact lenses and adults who are over 60 years should visit their eye care specialist every year or as suggested by the doctor. If the person doesn’t require any vision correction, then a person between 18 and 60 years should visit the doctor twice a year.
  • I have noticed small spots floating in front of my eyes. Is this a cause for concern?
    Eye floaters are tiny specks and spots that keep floating in your field of vision. These are annoying at times but usually are harmless. These occur when tiny pieces of the gel-like vitreous of your eyes break loose. However, if you notice flashing spots, then you should immediately consult an eye doctor.
  • How to treat dry eyes?
    The doctor may give you artificial tears and ointments to keep your eyes lubricated. The doctor may even opt for a procedure called temporary punctal occlusion to treat your condition..

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